Heidi Montag Writing a Screenplay, Oprah Dated John Tesh, and More

heidi montag
Photo by Splash News

  • Heidi Montag is writing a screenplay. "It's Bourne-meets-Barbie," and of course she'd be the playing the starring role. That's one movie I'd love to see ... that would make for at least two weeks worth of jokes. -- Us Magazine
  • Looks like Jesse James isn't the only famous man Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has nabbed. Reportedly, she's hooked up with Pink's hubby (however, it was while they were separated). Careful Michelle, I would not want to be on Pink's bad side. -- Popeater
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is dating Jenny McCarthy's ex. No, not Jim Carrey (though that would make for a slightly more dramatic story). -- TV Guide
  • Oprah dated John Tesh ... please join me in saying, "Say what?!" -- Entertainment Tonight
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