The Most Divorced Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor
Photo by Splash News
Elizabeth Taylor, who's 78, was thought to have found the ninth love of her life in 49-year-old Jason Winters.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it was just a rumor.

But Liz is notorious for her many marriages, along with these other celebrites that said "I do" numerous times:

  1. Mickey Rooney, married eight times: The actor has probably single handedly boosted the Vegas wedding industry, walking down the aisle for seven out of his eight marriages.
  2. Larry King, married eight times (to seven women): The late-night talk show hosts definitely knows how to ask questions, especially, "Will you marry me?"
  3. Martin Scorsese, married five times: Fifth time is a charm for the famous director ... he's been married to current wife Helen Morris since 1999.
  4. Billy Bob Thornton married five times: His most notable (and strange) marriage was with Angelina Jolie. Vials of each others'  blood just screams romance, doesn't it?
  5. Liza Minnelli married four times: Her fourth marriage to David Gest (which lasted barely a year, ending in 2003) will forever haunt my memory. That lizard-like kiss at the end, and the bridal party consisting of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson ... just plain weird. How did the church not burn to the ground when that trio entered? 

Who's your favorite celeb that's notorious for their divorce number?

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