Didgeridoos and Bagpipes: Our "American Idol" Recap

Last night's Beatles episode of American Idol was just ... random. A didgeridoo, bagpipes, and a crazy fan made up the highlights of the night as well as the always interesting behind-the-scenes peek into what the idols thought about each other.


Aaron Kelly: His fellow idols call him Yoda (umm, okay) so I'm going to say that his performance of "The Long and Winding Road" was good not.

Katie Stevens: The little sister of the group is "blossoming," and her rendition of "Let It Be" deserved a rose ... oh wait, wrong show. But seriously, it was good and it sounded like she finally connected with a song.

Andrew Garcia: After that performance, Lee may just have to kiss his bromance partner goodbye. His version of "Can't Buy Me Love" was just bad. The gangster suit and the horns made me cringe.

Michael Lynche: Heeeyyyy Big Mike, you're definitely not getting my vote after that performance of "Eleanor Rigby."

Crystal Bowersox: The didgeridoo! According to Webster's, a didgeridoo is a musical instrument that the Australian Aborigines made from a long wooden tube that is blown into to create a low drone. Good to know. And it clearly goes well with Beatles' songs, particularly "Come Together." And Mama Sox's raspy voice.

Tim Urban: The judges loved his version of "All My Loving," but where was his uber cheesy smile? He had this weird, side snarl thing going on the whole time. But the song was good. And at least his hair remained boy band-like.

Casey James: I want to have his babies. He makes me swoon on a day when he's not doing all that well, but man, watching him last night playing "Jealous Guy" ... yowza. I felt like a silly girl in a crowd gazing lovingly up at the musician thinking, "He's totally singing this to me." Even if it was via television.

Siobhan Magnus: Am I the only one who hated her performance of "Across the Universe"? She was mumbling! The only interesting part of it was her fantastic outfit and the crazy guy in the stands that heckled Simon and then came up to the stage.

Last but not least, Lee DeWyze and his random bagpipe dude: While getting the crowd going with some na na nas during "Hey Jude," low and behold, out comes the bagpipes. Because, you know, bagpipes are obviously a clear choice. Ellen responded by promising the player she'd help him find his way back to his parade, and the other judges were just kind of dumbfounded by it. What I loved most though was Lee owning it at 100% his idea. Why did he choose to have bagpipes? "Why not?" Okay, fair enough. I can appreciate random-ness.

So who will go home? Which performance was your favorite?

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