Jon Gosselin Sues Kate For Custody

Kate Gosselin
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Jon Gosselin is suing Kate for sole custody of their eight kids due to the fact that she's too busy twirling on Dancing With the Stars to be a mom. Unless you want to count those kisses she blows at the camera. 

And as much as Jon grosses me out, I have to say I agree with him.


Wait ... did you just see that? I swear, I saw a pig just fly by my fifth-story window.

Okay, so I'm not the biggest Jon Gosselin fan and I figured I'd see pigs fly before I agreed with him, but right now, he's pretty much the lesser of two evils. At least he'd be home with the kids. He may have some 25-year-old with him, but, at this point, does that even matter?

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, told TMZ that he's going to court to seek primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex.

You know what the perfect solution for this would be (for all parties involved)? If Kate got kicked off of DWTS. The kids would have their mom back, the parents could settle instead of go to court, and we wouldn't have to endure anymore of her awful dancing.

Just take a note of that, America.

Who would you rather see taking care of the Gosselin kids? Jon with his 25-year-old flavor of the week, or Kate Kate's camera kisses?

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