Conrad Murray Says Jackson Killed Himself

Conrad Murray'
Photo by Splash News
Dr. Conrad Murray's defense when he shows up for his court hearing today? He's saying that Michael Jackson caused his own death.


According to earlier reports, the doctor failed to disclose information to the paramedics that Jackson had any Propodol in his system whatsover and that he reportedly stopped giving CPR in order to hide vials of medication (geez, worst doctor ever).

Now, TMZ has released the defense's story. Reportedly, around 10:50 a.m. Dr. Murray gave Jackson 25mg of Propofol, which was about 1/8 of the bottle. That dosage would keep someone asleep for about 5-10 minutes. Mixed with other drugs, Ativan and Versed, it enabled Jackson to sleep for an hour or so.

Dr. Murray stayed in the room while Jackson slept. At around noon, the doctor left for about two minutes. In that time, the defense is saying that Jackson woke and, in order to get back to sleep, self-injected the remaining contents of the Propofol causing a massive overdose that stopped his heart.

Now, I'm no lawyer or doctor, but if you ask me, it sounds suspicious. Could Michael Jackson have injected it himself? Of course, stars like instant gratification, so it's completely plausible, though I'm sure the intent wasn't to sleep forever. But the fact that it just so happened in the two minutes Dr. Murray was gone from the room seems like quite the concidence. And then of course, all of the stupid bad doctor moves (i.e. stopping CPR and not giving all the information to paramedics).

Dr. Murray is due to appear in court this afternoon for a hearing that will set a date for the preliminary hearing date. Joe Jackson -- who has publicly slammed Murray's defense -- and other family members are also expected to attend the hearing.

What do you think? Do you think Dr. Murray should be charged with Michael Jackson's death?



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