Tyrese Gibson Shot, Apolo Ohno the Next "Bachelor" -- Celebrity Tweets, April Fool's Day Style

I'm charmed by celebrities who tweet April Fool's gags -- especially when they're all kinds of bad at it! Here are the awesome attempts at humor from the glitterati, giggle-worthy for all kinds of reasons!

OMG! Model/singer Tyrese Gibson has been SHOT! This is truly tragic! A nation mourns! And how amazing that he was able to tweet while bleeding on the sidewalk...












... Ugh, so not funny. That could legitimately have worried his fans, not to mention his mom, because someone's bound to call her before seeing this:











Next up, OMG! Olympic speed-skater Apolo Ohno is going to go on The Bachelor! A nation watches! It's a frantic search for women shorter than he is, or at least for boxes for him to stand on! He extends his 15 minutes of fame ...










Ohno, oh NO! What a card! We were totes fooled ... because who would care, exactement?













OMG!!! Jewish Elvis Neil Diamond, the guy behind '70s soft-rock hits "Sweet Caroline" and "Cracklin Rose" has been voted into the Rock' n' Roll Hall of Fame! Who's next, Barry Manilow? Englebert Humperdink? (Am I ancient yet? These jokes make me feel ancient.)











D'oh! Neil Diamond! You krazy kid, you! Ya really had me going there ... actually, I'm kind of charmed by this. (Did I mention that when I saw him at Madison Square Garden, I was sitting in the same section as Rick Rubin and Anthony Kiedis?)












Change of pace: Deaf actress/Oscar winner Marlee Matlin learned some interesting rock-song trivia. And shared it with the Twitterverse right away, because it was so exciting!













Oh dear! And now she has to admit she was gullible! (Interesting trivia: The word "gullible" does not appear in any dictionary.)













Hey, here's an odd tweet from Kim Kardashian -- just one of several, many of them citing the hottitude of one Nicole Richie. Hmm, that's awfully suspicious ...












Hacked! Hacked! The Kardashian has been hacked! By Nicole, Khloe, and someone else I would know if I watched the show regularly! (Or she handed her phone over so she could get some attention ... one or the other. your guess?)












You know what? Not that we usually put much stock in the wit and wisdom of musical spoofer Weird Al Yankovic, but at this moment, we appreciate his final word on April Fool's Day, ontweet or off.


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