Brad and Angie in Separate Beds?

brad pitt angelina jolie
Photo from Splash News
So what's the point of those infamous confidentiality agreements, if every staff member is going to run to the press with salacious secrets? Brad and Angelina's latest security breach is another bodyguard who has decided he could make more money by telling all about the famous couple and their brood.


The Huffington Post reports the unnamed bodyguard's (gives credibility, right?) claims of much harpy-ness in the household by Angie. She yells at the kids, while Brad is patient. She yells at Brad, while he sheepishly stares at the floor.

As for their sex life: While the bodyguard describes lots of  "spontaneous sex" in the beginning of their relationship, he says they now stay in separate bedrooms and have lost that lovin' feeling.

I just realized how much about your intimate life people who work in your home 24/7 would know. Ewww.

Whether or not this is true, it's clear this guy has it in for Mrs. Pitt.  Brad comes off as an affable dad, while Angelina gets the Mommy Dearest treatment.

Do you believe this guy?

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