Tiger Woods $10 Million Settlement Earns Him "Loser of the Week" Award

tiger woods
Photo from Splash News

Tiger Woods is allegedly paying former mistress Rachel Uchitel a whopping $10 million to keep quiet about their affair (at least if TMZ is to be believed). I shudder to think what that woman could possibly say that is worth a $10 million. My imagination just isn't big enough.

Congratulations, Tiger: This hush money situation and your Vanity Fair mistress article, have earned you our very highest honor -- Loser of the Week.


According to TMZ, Uchitel (a.k.a. Mistress #1) had been planning to hold a news conference (with a $2-$5 million payout) to share details on their affair. Tiger offered twice that in exchange for a confidentiality agreement.

What do you think Rachel Uchitel had to say?

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