April Fool's Day Pranks: Even Celebrities Do It

I'm constantly looking over my shoulder today. It's April Fool's Day and the folks in my office enjoy playing practical jokes on unsuspecting victims -- on regular days, mind you -- so I can only imagine what today has in store.

A lot of celebrities enjoy pulling pranks while they're on the job, too. Here are my four favorite celebrity prank stories:

  • While filming Lethal Weapon 4, Mel Gibson and Chris Rock played a practical joke on co-star Joe Pesci. They took polaroids of themselves putting Cuban cigars in their derriere, and then they gave said cigars to cigar-loving Pesci, who was ecstatic to have them. While puffing on one of the Cubans, they pulled out the polaroids.

  • George Clooney and Brad Pitt had an ongoing prank war while on the set of Ocean's Twelve. Pitt circulated a memo to the crew telling them to address Clooney only as "Mr. Ocean" and not look him in the eye, in an effort to help him get in character. Pitt finally confessed after Clooney had been confused for two whole weeks. In retaliation, George placed a bumper sticker on Brad's car calling out the reduced size of Pitt's manhood. He didn’t discover the sticker for two days, the entire time wondering why so many people were honking and cheering. And from what I hear, the prank war wages on.
  • While they were touring together, Taylor Swift and her band pranked Keith Urban while he was performing "Kiss a Girl" by coming out in KISS outfits.

  • Remember when Ashton Kutcher pranked Justin Timberlake on Punk'd? Classic. Poor Justin was freaking out when he came home to his personal belongings being confiscated by a fake tax enforcement crew for owing the government $900,000 in back taxes.

Who's your favorite celebrity prankster? Are you playing any practical jokes on anyone today?



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