Fisher-Price Moments to Share: App of the Week

Photo from Moments to Share
Sharing your children's photos, videos and lives with your Facebook friends is a risky proposition.

While a lot of your friends and family clamor for the latest, others really could care less. Of course some of your FB "friends" are actually business associates, and again, may not be keen on finding out that your baby just got his molars.


That's why I love Fisher-Price's new Facebook App, Moments to Share. It keeps your virtual photo albums together and you can choose who has access.

After uploading your photos and videos, you can choose to post them on your Wall, or you can only send them to people you invite into your circle.

Moments to Share also creates an attractive display without you having to drag and drop; it's like your own personal photo lab! I keep going back to the NYC series I set up with my kids -- it's making me nostalgic, and inspired to create more albums with specific themes.

Sign up for Moments to Share and your single, cranky Facebook friends will thank you.

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