Mindy McCready Video Leaked, Lindsay Attacks George Lopez, and More

lindsay lohan
Photo from Splash News

  • Teaser clips from country singer Mindy McCready's sex tape have apparently been leaked online. But I'd rather spoon my eyes out then watch her sexcapades with the likes of Roger Clemens and Alan Jackson. Gross. -- Huffington Post. 
  • Lindsay Lohan attacked George Lopez on Twitter today after he teased that she uses baby powder to loosen up her snug shoes. (Lohan was photographed this weekend with a "mysterious white powder" billowing out of her shoes and apparently it's too soon to joke about it.) She tweeted: "Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself." Oh, snap. -- Pop Eater.
  • Sources say actor James Franco has been accepted into Yale University's English Ph.D. program. Cute and smart, too? Love him. -- WSJ.
  • Speaking of smart ... St. Martin's Press is putting out an advice book "written" by two Jersey Shore cast-mates (J-Woww and Ronnie) entitled Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore. I'm sure you'll need an advanced degree to make it through the whole thing. -- Pop Eater.
  • In Dr. Drew's professional opinion, Jesse James is a "sex addict" and Sandra Bullock is a "love addict." He predicts that Bullock will need therapy to deal with all that has happened with James' multiple affairs. (And this Stir blogger will need therapy for having to write about it so much.) -- RadarOnline.
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