Spencer & Heidi Divorce?: "The Hills" Final Season

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt
Photo from Splash News
The trailer for the final season of The Hills has been unleashed on the general public, and I have to say between the flattering lighting, Spencer Pratt sweaty freak out, and crumbling Heidi Montag sad face -- I'm hooked.


Spencer's fighting with everybody, no surprise there, but it seems the aggro went up a notch as he's kicking his sister to the curb, and Heidi's anxious with him or without him.

The Pratts deny divorce rumors, but the trailer certainly hints at trouble in whatever weird version of Paradise they've got going in them there Hills.

One moment that actually made me emotional: Post-surgical Heidi asks her mother if she thinks she looks good. Ugh, parental rejection is never pretty.

My other reaction to the trailer: Damn that's a good-looking cast! Those Hills kids have the best hair in reality television. Their stylists need to head to the Jersey Shore, stat.

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