The Sandra Bullock Trade: What Would You Do?

Photo by Splash News
The Twittersphere is all, well, a-twitter, about David Brooks' Op-Ed in the New York Times, The Sandra Bullock Trade -- when one has great professional success, but must give up personal happiness.


Of course Sandra Bullock didn't have a choice in the matter; but Brooks poses the question to his audience: If you could win an Oscar, but have a lousy cheating spouse, would you pick the ultimate professional prize?

Brooks also goes on to say that you're insane if you choose professional accolades over personal happiness and backs up his statement with several studies on happiness.

About six months after my father-in-law died my husband was nominated for an Emmy as a television producer. It wasn't an either/or situation obviously, not anymore than Jesse James HAD to cheat on Sandra Bullock in order for her to win an Oscar.

My husband couldn't give up the Emmy and save his dad; but he would have given up a heck of a lot more than that to have his father back. I'm guessing Sandra would give up that Oscar if she could have what she thought she had, with her husband. But we couldn't help feeling, just a little bit, like the universe was throwing these dramatic highs and lowest lows our way for a reason.

If you could achieve your ultimate professional/financial fantasy, would you give up on happiness in your personal life?

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