Another Mistress for Jesse James

jesse james, sandra bullock
Photo by Splash News
I totally called it. But I hate that I was right. There are more Jesse James mistresses coming forward. Currently, the number is at four. Who wants to bet how many there will be total by the time this whole scandal is over with?


Woman #4 supposedly has hundreds of texts, emails, and photos from the three-year affair between her and James. Famed entertainment attorney Gloria Allred (who seems to have found her niche in pissed off homewrecking women ... she represented the first mistress in the Tiger Woods mess this past year) has been hired to represent her. She describes her as a "beautiful model and business woman" and that James had strong feelings for her. Judging by the rest of James's ladies, I think it's safe to assume that the "business" she conducted probably wasn't your average 9-5.

I'm going to go with eight being the magic number. Want to bet over or under?



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