"The Baby-Sitter's Club" Poll: Stacey, Dawn ... Which Baby-Sitter Did You Most Want to Be?

the summer before
Photo from Scholastic
(Warning: I'm about to dork-out big time.) I just read an interview with Ann. M. Martin, author of the beloved series The Baby-Sitters Club; and I've been transported to my middle school days (yikes!) when a new book would come out. I'd lock myself in my bedroom -- reading about the BSC adventures of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and Dawn and their awesomely cool outfits -- and not emerge for the whole weekend, which was probably better for everyone given that I had braces and a perm. (See? Total dork. And slow reader, now that I think about it.)


In the interview, Martin talks about the highly anticipated prequel to the series, The Summer Before, due out April 1 (yay!), and which BSC character most readers want to be like. The interviewer claims it's Stacey (Martin sort of agrees), but as a gal who always wanted to be Dawn, I respectfully disagree.


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