Give the Gift of App

Photo from iTunes Store
Have an iPhone or iTouch user in your life? Your gift giving is about to get a lot easier now that iTunes has added a "Gift this App" option to their menu. Since most apps will only run you a couple of bucks or less, it's a fantastic way to personalize a gift while spending very little money.


Top Gift Picks:

April Fools Day

Krazy Kamera

The sole purpose of the Krazy Kamera App is to pull a fast one on your friends. You ask the sucker to take your picture, and the viewer turns upside down -- frustrating said picture taking friend and giving you a good laugh. Send this app to the merry prankster on your list.

Mother's Day

We all need some relaxation in our life. Deepak Chopra's Authentic Yoga App is a perfect way to tell mom to take some time for herself.

Anyone's Birthday in the World

Who doesn't love Frogger? You'll be the coolest gift-er at the party when your iPhone having friend gets this app. If you're lucky, she'll let you play too.


Krazy Kamera App ($.99) -- appadvice

Authentic Yoga App ($1.99) -- Deepak Chopra Mobile

Frogger ($.99) -- iTunes Store

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