Tori Spelling Makes Potato Pancakes, Tyrese Gibson Has the Answers -- Best Celebrity Tweets

I love it when celebrities tweet! But alas, not a word from @KimKardashian. She knows we've all heard the scuttlebutt about that cad Reggie Bush -- why won't she tweet something?  Anywho, here are the ones that made me LOL this week.

Oh, Rainn Wilson of TV's The Office! When you're not playing Dwight Schrute, you're being delightfully droll in your Twitter feed! (How many people do you think actually sent him a password and PIN? I'll bet more than we'd like to admit.)









Did Tori Spelling really make all this stuff, or did she have her housekeeper make it from an old Spelling recipe? And either way, how much do I love that she's getting all kosher-for-Passover, just like moi? No! No, don't make me like you, Tori!









I don't really give a hoot about comedian/actor David Spade's peanuts (which I don't believe, because I am pretty sure airlines don't serve peanuts anymore because of allergies). What I want to know is: What on earth does teeny-tiny David Spade need extra legroom for?!








I hate this story. I hate Sandy Bullock being treated poorly by her crappy, crappy husband. But The View's Joy Behar still made me snicker with this one. He's the Tiger Woods of not-golf!










Oh come on, model/rapper/singer Tyrese Gibson. Must you make this so darn easy? You know the only question women have for you is "what are you NOT doing in my pants right now?!"

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