Reggie Bush Cheated, "Sex and the City" News, and More

Reggie Bus
Photo by Skip Bolen/Getty

  • What is this, the week of cheaters? Reggie Bush, who split from girlfriend Kim Kardashian earlier this week (for like the fifty-millionth time), supposedly cheated on her with January Gessert, a pretty blonde waitress who's been spotted doing some walks of shame from Reggie's home. -- Radar 
  • John Corbett, you're such a dirty little liar. After denying for months that his character, Aiden Shaw, does not make an appearance in Sex and the City 2, he admitted on Ellen that we can, in fact, look forward to seeing Carrie's ex-fiance again. -- Access Hollywood
  • Looks like Jesse James's first ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder and his (hopefully soon-to-be ex-wife) Sandra Bullock can now bond over their mutual hatred for the jerk. Depsite going through a messy custody battle last year over Janine and Jesse's daughter Sunny, Lindemulder has said she has no hard feelings against Bullock and, no matter what happens between her and Jesse, she wants her in Sunny's life as much as possibe. Aww, that's sweet. -- Us Magazine
  • Gabby Sadibe, the girl who won over our hearts for her amazing Oscar-nominated performance in Precious is apparently not good enough for Vogue because of her size. -- Popeater
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