Paternity Confirmed: Beyonce's Dad is Nixon's Daddy Too

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty
is reporting that a DNA test proves that Mathew Knowles is the father of Alexsandra Wright's new baby boy, Nixon.


Apparently the Scrubs actress and father to the most bootylicious woman on the planet, had an ongoing 18-month affair in which Alexsandra found herself in a family way.

Older men having affairs with younger women is not news. But what's up with this new squiring trend? Do they forget what happens when a man and a woman come together and share bodily fluids? Do they think old sperm doesn't swim? You usually associate accidental pregnancies with young kids who aren't thinking things through, but Mathew seems pretty methodical in his life's work when he's busy creating superstars. Why the oversight in his personal life?

On a completely frivolous separate note, why only one 't' in Mathew and the extra 's' in Alexsandra? Did the non-trad spelling of their first names bring them together?

Kiddding. We all know that money + young hot bod = irresistible, if not embarrassing to watch, attraction.

What do you think Beyonce and Solange think?


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