Wife Swap Teen Beauty Queen Suing ABC

Photo from ABC.com
I love me some Wife Swap. Judging from all the crazy that's come out of the reality show cast members, props to the producers are in order. They know how to pick 'em.

But this latest drama that involves a child getting bullied, is making me a little bit uncomfortable.


Alicia Guastaferro appeared on Wife Swap with her absolutely appalling parents two years ago where she became known as the biggest brat in America. Now she's eighteen and is suing ABC for $100 million accusing the show of misrepresenting her. The pageant winner has faced taunting, online and in real life after she said on national television that she felt sorry for people who were not gorgeous, and showed off her pageant glam and "sparkle."

More fodder for the taunters: Her parents keep the Christmas tree up year-round and place a present under it EVERY DAY because that's what Alicia deserves.

Guastaferro also claims the mistreatment was the reason she went from being on the honor roll to a special eduction class. (Although it's obvious from watching the show the school discovered her parents were doing her homework, and put a stop to it. That would make your grades drop pretty danged quickly.)

I don't doubt that Guastaferro was ridiculed far and wide after this embarrassing outing of her superficial, and ridiculously inappropriate parents, but that is where the blame should lie. This kid was raised to be a monster, she is a victim here. But Guastaferro shouldn't be suing ABC who simply turned on their cameras and caught the madness; she should be going after her parents.

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