Dennis Hopper Terminally Ill; Wife Demands Money

Dennis Hopper
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty
Talk about a cold-hearted witch ...

Actor Dennis Hopper, who is terminally ill with prostate cancer, is in a messy divorce battle with his wife of 14 years, Victoria. The man is dying and all she can think about is how much spousal support she should be getting.


In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Hopper states he is willing to pay his estranged wife $5,000 a month in spousal support, and that's all he can afford.

She says he's loaded because of the amount of art he has created and sold. However, she doesn't take into account the costs that go into creating and storing the works of art, which, according to the legal documents, leaves him with a net profit for nine years of a measly $45,000.

Regardless of who's right or wrong in this legal case, the man only has so much time left on this earth, couldn't she just let him enjoy it instead of being this money-hungry crazy ex-wife? What a leech.

Do you think his illness should be taken into account for this case? Does the wife have a right to request more money?

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