Richard Finch: Loser of the Week

kc and the sunshine band
Photo from KC and the Sunshine Ban
Jesse James
seemed to be begging for this week's "Loser" award with his sexual harassment suit, multiple alleged lovers, and Nazi salute photos ...

And, yet, I think this week's distinction should instead go to Richard Finch of KC and the Sunshine Band who was arrested this week for having sex with underage boys.


According to reports, the bass guitarist and seven-time Grammy winner told police that he had sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy along with other boys, ages 13-17.

Although a message on his website says the allegations are "baseless," stating: We will let due process happen through the legal system and through that, we are sure Mr. Finch will be vindicated from these unfounded allegations.

Um, how can the allegations be "baseless" if he admitted them to the police? I guess you'd have to be a true Loser to really know.

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