More Girls for Jesse James

Jesse James
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty
And now they're crawling out of the woodwork, folks. Just as with the Tiger Woods' scandal, the dam seems to have been broken for Jesse James's alleged lovers.


After Michelle "Bombshell" McGee came forward, Us magazine reported that Deann McClung, a West Coast Choppers employee, had sued James for sexual harrassment back in 2000.

And now, Star magazine is saying another tattooed hoochie has been thrown into the mix. Allegedly, James had a two-year relationship with Melissa Smith, a stripper (surprise, surprise) whom he reached out to in 2006 via MySpace after seeing a photo of her for a West Coast Choppers party.

Gross. It boggles my mind how entirely two different ends of the spectrum his wife and the women he cheated with are on.

I think he should have his you-know-what chopped off.

Do you think more "lovers" will surface? Do you think the Melissa Smith story is true or just someone trying to have her 15 minutes of fame?

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