Brad Pitt's Beard: Hot or Not?

Brad Pitt
Photo by Fergus McDonald/Getty
If, like me, you've been wondering why in the world Brad Pitt has chosen to bury his chiseled cheekbones and drop-dead jaw line under that greying, frazzled beard -- well, we've finally got an answer.


Nope, it's not for a role. Nope, it's not because Angie digs dudes with facial hair. (Although, given her dating history, this would be a valid conclusion.) And it's not to avoid being named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for a third time.

"It's boredom," Brad clarified to the UK paper The Sun at the London premiere of the action-comedy Kick-Ass, which he co-produced. "No other reason than that."

Which means, ladies, that the beard may not be coming off any time soon. Because as any understanding wife of a hirsute husband knows -- trust me on this one -- they'll only shave when they're good and ready to shave.

What's your take? Do you swoon over a man in a beard? Or is old school Brad more your style?

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