Jesse James' Employee Says He Forced Her to Have Sex

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty
Ugh. As if Jesse James could look any worse after cheating on Oscar winner and America's  sweetheart, (and my future BFF) Sandra Bullock. However.

RadarOnline is reporting that former West Coast Choppers employee, Deann McClung sued James for sexual harassment in 2000 -- when he and Bullock were dating.


It gets worse. McClung claims that Jesse James forced her to perform oral sex on him, threatened her by saying he knew a lot of policemen and locked her overnight in his business. The sexual harassment case was settled out of court in 2001.

McClung has something else to say, and to the soon-to-be (we hope) ex-Mrs. Jesse James. McClung implores Sandra to get away from James as fast as she can, saying James is an "evil, brutal, terrible person."

This is all so disturbing, it makes me wonder how much Sandra knew, or suspected. Although it seems Bullock has been completely shocked by this entire ugly ordeal.

Do you think Sandra had any idea that Jesse James was such a bad guy?

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