Facebook Spring Cleaning:6 "Friends" to Defriend

dusterTons of people spring clean their homes -- that's completely normal. And I'll get around to doing my apartment ... maybe. But I'm currently working on spring cleaning my Facebook. It needs it bad, and downsizing my friend list is the first item that I'm tackling. 


I currently have 423 "friends." If you're like me and are wanting to clean out your friend list, here are some examples of people to cut:

  1. Old co-workers: I have people on here who I worked with at a former place of employment over two years ago ... and I haven't spoken to them since. While I think it's good to maintain contacts for networking reasons, it kind of defeats the purpose if you never actually network. If you haven't been, and you want to keep that connection, now is the perfect time to send them a quick "hello" message.
  2. Who are you?: We all have them. Friends of friends whom you met at another friend's birthday party last October. You bonded over your mutual love for Lady Gaga, which led to becoming Facebook friends. But months later, if you have to look at their profile page and sift through their photos just to remember who they are, they probably shouldn't be considered your "friend."
  3. Exes: You make the jump and become FFs after a few weeks of dating, only to fizzle out six months later. But you continue your Facebook connection, even though you're no longer on speaking terms, and you use the site to occasionally stalk him see who he's currently dating and what he's been up to. This is not healthy on so many levels (though, I admit, I do it, too). Just sever the tie. Do it. You'll feel better in the end. I just deleted seven. It's quite liberating.
  4. Former classmates: It's good to become friends with your peers from chemistry to get the notes for the class that you missed. But unless you formed more than an ionic bond during lab, once the semester is over, it's no longer necessary.
  5. The non-existent: Not everyone is as addicted to Facebook as I am (gasp), but when you don't get on (ever), why even have it in the first place? Delete.
  6. Annoying friends: I'm not saying I'm going to delete all of these people that are guilty of my 10 Facebook pet peeves, but let's just say they're at high risk.

New number of friends: 397

Do you ever delete friends on Facebook? What is your reasoning?


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