Tiger Woods' Weird Interviews

Tiger Woods
Photo by Lori Moffett/Getty
For anyone who's still trying to get some answers as to how Tiger Woods could cheat on his wife, repeatedly, and with the sleazy ladies -- you're going to have to wait a little bit longer. At least until the first tell-all which should hit the stores any . . . second . . . now.

Yesterday Tiger stood (yes, stood -- what's with the standing interview, anyway?) with ESPN and The Golf Channel reporters and skated around the tough questions using his robot voice.


The Bachelor-esque format of the interview made both parties seem like they were reading from a reality television script. Tiger repeatedly blamed his bad behavior on his loss of faith and sense of entitlement. Specific questions about what happened that night and how many times he stepped out were met with "It's private," and "It's in the police report."

The only time Woods seemed to go off script and appear to be human occurred after both reporters asked him about his upcoming return to golf at the Masters. Priorities, huh?

I don't know if I need to hear Tiger Woods spill the lurid details of how many and where or how badly his wife reacted the night she confiscated his cell phone. But I really don't need to see another prepared and armored press conference or interview where Woods holds back emotion and information. What's the point?

Did you watch the interviews? Did you think Tiger did a good job, or phoned it in?

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