Octomom Facing Foreclosure, Porn Company Offers Help

Flickr: Photo by respres

Today is the day Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, needs to come up with $450,000 in order to keep herself and her fourteen children in their home. Apparently Suleman has missed several payments and is facing foreclosure.

Like a filthy knight in shining armor, Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that tried to lure Suleman in once before, is offering her a deal she may not be able to refuse: You work for us, we pay for your house -- in full.


I remember when the offers were coming in last year and I admired Suleman when she said no thanks to the Ocotoporn. But now, I'm wondering if she should just do it so she doesn't have to worry about being homeless.

How horrible would it be to have your fourteen children, (eight of them just turned one!) out on the street? What would you do to keep your children safe in a home?

Do you think Octomom should take the porn deal and pay for her house?

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