Star Jones Loves Health Care, Ke$ha Apologizes, and More

And now for your daily fix of entertainment news:

  • Wow, Ke$ha's busy this days -- busy with apologies, that is: First, to Britney (video), then to Justin Bieber.
  • Who's the happiest about the health care bill? That's got to be Star Jones, who's recovering nicely from heart surgery. -- WSJ
  • Say it ain't so! Kim Khardashian and Reggie Bush may split, and this Stir blogger can't take the roller-coaster that is their relationship! -- RadarOnline
  • Reason #801 Sandra Bullock should kick Jesse James to the curb? Nazi salute photos, of course. -- TMZ
  • Chris Evans (which one is he again?) in the new Captain America. --
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