Sarah Palin's Reality Show Finds a Home? -- UPDATE

Flickr: Photo by sskennel
The rumors keep swirling about a Sarah Palin reality show and it sounds like it's getting closer to becoming, well, a reality.

One insider I spoke with said it's looking like TLC may pick up the former Governor of Alaska and Vice-Presidential candidate's pitch, but she's apparently talking to A&E as well.


Variety is reporting that Discovery is the winner of the great Palin pitch! No word on which channel owned by Discovery will air the show. Stay tuned for production news.




While it would be juicy to go inside the Palin family home, (COPS-esque cameo by Levi Johnston, please?) all reports point to a show about Alaska in the same vein as Planet Earth. Still, the only reason a documentary series about Alaska would be getting any attention at all is the Palin attachment. I'm guessing my pitch for a documentary series about Oklahoma would not be getting the same cable love.

So can we expect a little partisan mudslinging? Some family drama?

More importantly, will you be tuning in?

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