App of the Week: Fromage

Flickr: Photo by Joi
Oh how I love my cheese. My biggest struggle through both pregnancies was staying away from the soft cheeses. I missed that Brie something terrible.

Still, when I hit the cheese section I sometimes feel like I do at the movie store - there are so many things I want but I cannot figure out what they are when they're laid out in front of me -- that shelf of mighty temptresses. And that is why Fromage, is my App of the week.


Not just an amazing cheese guide with over 750 cheese descriptions at your fingertips, Fromage has a "My Additions" option where you can enter in your own favorites. You can even snap a photo of your favorite cheese for reference and the next time you hit the counter it won't matter if you forget if it's Idiazabel or Ivernia.

Fromage ($2.99) from Apple

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