Jesse & Sandra, Moms Having Fun, Babies Gone Wild: The Week in Tabloids

What a disappointing week it's been for people who believe Oscar speeches that make your man tear up =  true love always.

In Touch Weekly broke the dirty, cheating Jesse James story and we can't stop talking about (and sobbing over) the news here at The Stir.

On other covers:


Kate Gosselin, step aside because your cover story just got blown away by what's inside People(.com). Jesse James issues an APOLOGY. Jeez, louise. This must mean we can't pretend it's just a money-grubbing hussy anymore. Phhpt.

P.S. Kate, have as much fun as you want - it will help your kids get a multi-figure book deal someday.

Shilo's style and Suri's handbag are scrutinized on the cover of US Weekly. I dunno. I think they look cute.

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