Top Five Hot Irish Celebrities

Colin Farrell

Photo by Matt Carr/Getty

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we've rounded up the five hottest Irish male celebrities. Even though I'd need all the luck in Ireland to nab me one of these cuties, a girl can still dream.

  1. Colin Farrell: This bad boy just does something to me. Rawr. 
  2. Pierce Brosnan: Those baby blue eyes are always smiling.
  3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Always lookin' a little on the edgy, scruffy side, Jonathan has that manly-man sex appeal that the Irish are so well known for.
  4. Bono: There isn't anything more Irish than U2.
  5. Stuart Townsend: Having recently split from girlfriend Charlize Theron, this Irish boy clearly needs a kiss. 

Who's your favorite Irish celebrity?

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