5 Things I Miss About the Old Facebook


Flickr: Photo by Jacob Bøtter

Facebook wasn't always the FarmVille-filled, 14-year-old kissy faced, promotional website that it is today. Oh no, back in the "thefacebook.com" days, it was much more awesome. And I miss it.

Here are five things I miss about the "old" Facebook:

  1. Writing my status update in third person. Remember when your status update was "First Name Last Name is..." and you filled in the blank? We were forced to be way more witty back then. Now Facebook statuses can simply be "argh!" and "fun times." Lame.
  2. Having just one photo ... your profile picture. Ah, I miss the days when my drunken debauchery was not in danger of being posted all over the Internet. 
  3. Only college kids got to play. Once upon a time you needed a college e-mail address to join Facebook. And as much as I love my great Aunt Sophie, I don't enjoy having her scold me for using a bad word in front of all my friends ... it's like middle school all over again. There's a certain point when age groups just should not collide. And I can't not accept her friend request unless I want to get shunned at the next family reunion (believe me, I tried). 
  4. That guy in the top left corner. No one knows who that little creepy image represents ... and it's possibly one of the greatest mysteries of our generation. He faded slowly and then disappeared all together. I miss him.
  5. No News Feed. Back in the day, we had to stalk the old-fashioned way ... having to go to the person's actual Facebook page. When the News Feed first appeared, we felt like it was stalking. Now, we don't think anything of it. Good thing? Umm...

What do you miss about the "old" Facebook?

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