Can Tiger be Trusted? Dr. Drew Weighs In


Dr. Drew Pinsky

Flickr: Photo by Emily Caldwell

As Tiger and Elin have been seen together recently, it begs the question -- will they stay together? More importantly, how soon until Tiger picks up another stripper?

This morning on the TODAY Show, my favorite TV physician, Dr. Drew Pinsky weighed in on the saga that is the Woods marriage.

According to the Celebrity Rehab doc, Tiger hasn't really done the work necessary to overcome his sex addiction. At least not according to what we've seen on TV.  Dr. Drew explains, “Looking at his apology, I’m not sure he learned that much.”

Pinsky went on to explain that the nature of his apology was negative as Tiger's main message was, "I'm a horrible person." Apparently that's not the best way to overcome an addiction. No matter what Elin says.

Dr. Drew went on to issue a warning about Corey Haim's death.


Pinksy said the story isn't about another dead child actor; the story is the wave of addiction to pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Drew called Haim's death "the crest of a tsunami" and warned things were only going to get worse with this trend of young people and pharmaceuticals.

Yikes. Let's hope Haim serves as a warning to the celeb kids, and Tiger is paying attention to the good doctor before he gets another golf club in the car window.

Do you think Tiger will cheat again?

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