Forget the iPad

Thinking about pre-ordering an iPad?

Before you decide to drop a half-a-grand on Apple's new oddly-named toy, check out the new IdeaPad U1, a two-in-one tablet/pc from Levono.

The IdeaPad U1

Photo by Levono Computers

The hybrid PC, set to debut in June, offers a tablet and PC in one for just under $1000. Sure, it ain't cheap, but it offers double the functionality of an iPad for less than the cost of your average MacBook.


Clocking in at 3.8 lbs. and with a sleek scarlett and black exterior, the computer looks prettier than the iPad and offers an uber-funky pop-out screen that detaches and powers up into tablet mode in less than three seconds, according to Levono peeps. The PC part and the tablet part each have their own processors, which work in tandem to provide the user with super-fast computing for everyday use.

So what does that mean for you? A fully functioning laptop PC, plus a cool multi-touch screen tablet that offers 3G technology, so you can email, sync your calendars and generally multi-task wirelessly while on the road for up to five hours without a reboot.

Now I'm not saying skip the iPad completely. After all, I'm a die hard Mac user myself. But since the iPad seems disappointing so far (although I admit I'd stilll be curious to try it out, should I get my hands on one), it's best that we explore our other options as well, no?

So stay tuned to for more details on their new iPad rival, which hits stores June 1.

Would you rather have an iPad or IdeaPad?

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