Rielle Hunter Bares All


Rielle Hunter

Flickr: Photo by Chuckumentary

First of all, I'm gagging over the headline of Rielle Hunter's tell-all interview in GQ mag, Hello America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter. Gah!! We know who you are, Rielle. We know you had a baby after you slept with a married man who had a wife battling cancer and was running for President of the United States. We actually thought it was a smart move on your part that you kept a low profile for so long. Now Hunter's claiming her fifteen minutes and becoming a bona fide celebrity, complete with saucy photo shoot.

We (speaking for America, still) just wish you would have stayed out of the spotlight.


This embarassing profile (complete with pantsless photos) in GQ confirms what else we already knew: Both you and John Edwards had a complete disregard for his responsibilities to his country and to his family because you both felt above the law. You have an added "spiritual" justification because you feel your connection to Johnny is just so danged magical.

More choice bits - Hunter claims she is not a home wrecker and Edwards never lies to her. Uh-huh.

Hunter's interview reads like a 14-year-old falling in love for the first time. But in reality, she was a 40-something New Ager that was excited by bedding a man in power. It would be quite amusing, you know, if there weren't all of these innocent children involved.

Are you Team Rielle? Or Team Elizabeth?

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