Handsome Men's Club: Please Someone, Sneak Me In!

A special thank you to Jimmy Kimmel for gathering more than a dozen hot guys in one room, sort-of. This meeting of the Handsome Men's Club is a little long, but the visual alone is worth your time, and the comedy will have you in stitches. Really, you don't even need to put the volume up — but you should if you are somewhere that you can get away with it.

Take a look at this amazing list of hotties making an appearance ...


Patrick Dempsy

Gilles Marini

Taye Diggs

Rob Lowe

Ethan Hawke

Matt Damon

Matthew McConaughey

John Krasinski

Lenny Kravitz

Ted Danson

Tony Romo

Josh Hartnett


Keith Urban

Any new members would you vote in?

Anyone you would vote out, aside from Jimmy Kimmel?


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