Shoeless 5-Year-Old Carries Toddler to Safety in -31 Degrees After Being Left Home Alone


Snowy road

A 5-year-old boy wearing only his socks carried an 18-month-old through below freezing temperatures to get them help on Tuesday. According to reports, an adult meant to be caring for them left the two children alone in a house in Venetie, Alaska. After the power went out, the older child carried the toddler about a half-mile to a neighbor's house to get out of harm's way.

  • Alone with only an 18-month-old and scared, the boy decided to leave the home to make the trek for help after the power went out.

    The power failure on Tuesday scared the boy -- who has not been identified because he's a minor. That's when he journeyed half a mile in negative 31-degree weather, in just socks and what has been described as light clothing, to a neighboring home, according to the New York Times. It's not clear how the toddler was dressed. A statement written by Alaska State Department of Public Safety on Friday claimed that both children sustained injuries from the cold.

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  • Department spokesman Ken Marsh said Sunday that both children are expected to make a full recovery.

    It wasn't easy for police to investigate the situation, the New York Times reported. The area of Alaska where the children were found is a remote community and only has a population of 166. State troopers had to charter a plane once they received word on what happened.

    “It took 12 to 16 hours for them to actually get there,” Marsh explained. “Fortunately, we were confident that the children were in good hands because a neighbor had taken them in and we had spoken with the neighbor.”

  • Police arrested 37-year-old Julie Peter on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor.

    Although it's not clear what Peter's relationship to the children is, whether she is related to them, or if they are related to each other, police did uncover that she had left the children by themselves in the home for an undetermined amount of time.

    Marsh said police have decided not to reveal the nature of their relationships because the children are minors. The statement from the Alaska State Department of Public Safety noted that Peter was booked into Fairbanks Correctional Center.