15-Year-Old Girl Crashes a Stolen Jeep Into a Newborn's Bedroom

Teen crashes Jeep
Action News Jax

A 15-year-old girl from Bakers County, Florida, is facing serious charges after she took off in her family Jeep Cherokee and crashed the car into a home. What she didn't know at the time is that a newborn's bedroom and crib on the other side of the wall where where she plowed into the house. The girl's family said she took the keys to the car without permission and went joyriding with two 11-year-olds in the vehicle with her. Police have cited the girl with careless driving, but the infant's mother is just glad that this accident didn't have a tragic outcome. 

  • The incident happened on Saturday morning, when the teenager reportedly stole her family's Jeep and went for a spin.

    According to Action News Jax, the girl -- who has yet to be identified -- took the keys to her family car and then went out with two younger children. News 4 Jax reported that the girl lost control of the SUV while she was driving and overcorrected in an attempt to right the vehicle. Instead, she knocked over a cable box and a mailbox before overturning several times and crashing into a family's home.

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  • In an act of extreme luck, Victoria Hazlewood had removed her newborn from her crib just seconds before the car hit that spot.

    It's a miracle that 2-month-old Gabby wasn't in her crib just seconds earlier. 

    "I just took her out of her crib -- I mean probably not even 5, 10 seconds prior to -- and then, boom," Hazldwood said. "I was like, nothing but God, nothing but God."

    The crash happened about 11:30 in the morning and the home's owner, Judy Davis, said as soon as the car made impact she ran outside to see if anybody was hurt. “They rolled four times, then ended up on their side and boom,” Davis told Action News Jax. “I just ran out the house, and I wanted to make sure they were OK. These three little babies come out.”

    It was then that Davis saw the teenager behind the wheel of the Jeep and felt compassion for the girl. "I consoled her, of course," Davis explained to News 4 Jax. "I could see ... these big blue eyes. I couldn’t do nothing but hold her."

    Action News Jax reported that the girls had minor injuries from the crash and were taken to the hospital. The teen has since been charged with careless driving.

  • The next day, the teen and her father returned to Davis' home with a gift. 

    As a small token of apology, the girl and her dad brought Hazlewood a new crib for Gabby, reported News 4 Jax. "He knocked on my door on Sunday and he said, 'This is not any consolation to what happened, but I bought a crib,'  and I was like, 'You didn’t have to do that.' He said, 'Yes I did,'" Hazlewood recalled. 

    The mom appreciated that the family had gone out of their way to apologize and said that she doesn't "hold any grudges, I am just grateful that everyone is OK."

    Action Jax News reported that neighbors immediately stepped up to help Davis and Hazlewood; they covered the whole in Davis' home with a tarp and offered them a place to stay while the home is uninhabitable. 

    Davis said that the debris from the crash will be cleared away and the wall will be repaired, but for now she is just thankful that everyone is safe. 

    Speaking of the moment that she returned to the room where she almost lost her baby girl, Hazlewood said she's in disbelief about how lucky they all were.

    "I went into that room, I saw that crib and I broke down," she said. "All I could do was thank God we weren't in the room."