2-Year-Old Tragically Dies After Getting Hit By Ice Cream Truck

Felicity Karam
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The loss of a child is always heartbreaking and devastating, especially when the death is the result of a tragic accident. This pain is something the parents of 2-year-old Felicity Karam of Wentzville Missouri, had to learn all too quickly. While on a family outing, the toddler was struck by an ice cream truck, killing the little girl whom her aunt Rachel Zeik described to the the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as "very spunky," "unique," and "very independent." 


The incident took place at about 3:45 p.m. on September 16. Zeik had brought her own daughter to visit Felicity and her four sisters (ages 6, 4, 3, and 4-months) at her sister and brother-in-law's house for a family outing. 

According to Officer Jacob Schmidt, spokesperson for the Wentzville Police Department, the group had gone over to the same truck to get some treats. After receiving her ice cream, Felicity crossed in front of the Cool Times Ice Cream vehicle when it started to drive forward. The truck hit the toddler, but then immediately stopped. 

A nurse who lives in the area saw the hit and rushed over to perform CPR on the 2-year-old. Felicity was then taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced the girl dead at about 4:52 p.m. Schmidt added that the truck remained on the scene while police investigated, though eventually a tow truck was called and the vehicle was taken away.

Felicity Karam
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Stan Stanev, owner of Cool Times Ice Cream, gave a statement to the Post-Dispatch, where he told reporters that "the driver of the ice cream truck, which had just served ice cream cones to this family moments before the accident, is terribly distraught." He added that the driver was a 
"middle-aged gentleman" and "has been an excellent ice cream truck driver seven or eight seasons."

"We have never had an accident like this and deeply share in this family’s pain," Staney said.

Authorities are still investigating the incident, but anticipate no charges to be filed.

On Tuesday, Rachel posted a message of remembrance on her Facebook page, noting that the mayor of Wentzville, Nick Guccione, had expressed his sympathy to Felicity's family. 

"Let's come together and pray and remember our sweet Felicity Noelle," Rachel wrote. The aunt has also started a GoFundMe account to honor her niece's memory and to help her sister Lucy and her husband Andy to pay for funeral and medical expenses.

"She was taken from us too soon by a tragic accident with an ice cream truck," Rachel wrote on the GoFundMe page. "Her smile and personality will be forever remembered. Please remember our sweet Felicity."

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