Girl Killed in Kentucky School Shooting Called Her Mom as She Died

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Another school shooting shocked the nation on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. This time, it happened at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. A teen boy opened fire, killing two of his classmates, Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, and wounding at least 18 others. Now, Bailey Holt's parents are speaking out about their heartbreak and the terrifying final phone call they got from their daughter.


Bailey's mom, Secret Holt, told WKRN she was at work when she heard about the school shooting on Tuesday morning, and she immediately started calling her daughter's cell phone. When the 15-year-old girl didn't answer multiple calls or text her mom back, Holt knew something was terribly wrong.

Eventually, Bailey did call her mom back, but she was unable to speak. “She called me and all I could hear was voices, chaos in the background," Holt recalled. "She couldn’t say anything and I tried to call her name over and over and over and she never responded. We rushed to the high school, and they wouldn’t let us get through."

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Terrified, Holt and her husband, Jasen, waited for Bailey to get off one of the buses used to transport students away from the high school, but Bailey never came. "We waited and waited for her to get off the buses and she never did," Holt told WKRN. "The principal at North Marshal came and got me, and took us outside and we got in a cop car and they took us to the fire department and told us what had happened."


According to the New York Times, the shooting at Marshall County High School was the eleventh shooting on a school property since January 1. Just one day earlier, a teen was shot in a Dallas, Texas, high school cafeteria. In the weeks before that, there were also shootings in New Orleans, Iowa, California, and Washington. As the Times points out, researchers say there has been an average of one school shooting per week since 2013.

Sterling Haring, a doctor who treated victims of the Kentucky school shooting, tweeted that the students he saw "looked like my kids and yours." He added, "All I could think about was the thoughts and prayers that will be tweeted from politicians who will do nothing to stop the next one. I've never felt so sick."


In the wake of this most recent shooting, parents and students are struggling to come to terms with what happened. On social media, students are posting tributes to both Bailey Holt and Preston Cope. Bailey's parents told WKRN their daughter had plans to become a labor and delivery nurse and was "perfect in every way. She was an angel here on earth."


"It's just so hard to believe that somebody in a split second could take two lives and injure so many in just a short amount of time," Secret Holt told WKRN. "I don't know if I can go to court and see him. I just don't know if I can, but I want him to pay for everything he's done. I also want to pray for him, too, because I know he's probably having a hard time too, but he took our baby. He still took my baby from me."

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