Houston Neighbors Form 'Human Chain' to Rescue Woman in Labor

 neighbors help woman deliver baby in hurricane harvey

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt all over the country, both by those directly impacted by the devastating storm and those feeling empathy for their fellow humans. In its wake, Harvey left us with countless instances of compassion, resilience, and survival. Stories like the one of this couple whose neighbors banded together to help them get transported to the hospital to deliver their baby will stick with us for a long time. 


Greg and Andrea Smith relocated to Houston, Texas, mere months before Hurricane Harvey hit. The two doctors moved to the city to receive special training in their respective fields. "We're very new to Houston -- and new to hurricanes," Greg told People. 

All of their carefully laid birth plans were blown out of the water when Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston this past weekend. When Andrea went into labor on Sunday, they tried to go through the proper channels. But after reaching out through 911 and and having Greg's mother contact the coast guard from Montana, they found that their calls went unanswered. Pretty quickly, they realized they were going to have to take matters into their own hands.

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"I knew I would have to do this myself," Greg told People. "I had some courage though. Even if I had to do a home birth, I felt like it was going to be okay." 

As they began preparing to deliver their daughter at home, some heroic neighbors came to the rescue. Their apartment complex happens to house many medical professionals due to its close proximity to the Texas Medical Center. Neighborhood EMTs, nurses, and doctors arrived to help the couple deliver their child as safely as possible. 

A neighbor in the group contacted a friend whose father lived across the street from a fire station, prompting that father to wade through high waters to find help for the trapped family.

Soon after, neighbors spotted a large, garbage truck–like vehicle driving down the road toward them. Greg tried to flag them down, then quickly realized the vehicle had been sent to help. Neighbors then formed a human chain to help carry Andrea across the water, from her apartment to the truck.

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"We were soaked," Greg said, speaking about their ride. "We sat on top of all these fire hoses, while firemen drove us to the hospital. They were careful to go slow and keep us safe."

Baby Adrielle was born at 1:59 a.m. on Monday. Delivered in a nearby hospital, the little girl was born healthy but experienced a few complications that required her to be moved to the intensive care unit.

baby born during hurricane harvey

"If she were born at home, that wouldn't have been the best place for her," Greg told the mag. "I'm so glad she is in the hospital."

As of now, mom, dad, and baby are all doing well. They're safe, healthy, and incredibly happy to have weathered this particular storm.

"Everything about this pregnancy we said is God's will. That's why her name is Adrielle. It means she belongs to God," said Greg. 

neighbors help woman deliver baby in hurricane harvey

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