Here's How to Help Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims ASAP

hurricane harvey flooding
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Natural disasters like the one caused by Hurricane Harvey this past weekend have a huge impact, both on the lives of the people forced to endure them and on the rest of us, helplessly watching as the events play out. For those of us who haven't had to weather this particular storm, it is important that we help out in any and every way we can.  


Hurricane Harvey hit South Texas as well as parts of Louisiana and Mississippi on Friday night, bringing with it harsh winds and rain that's caused flooding of up to 15-25 feet. As of Monday, Harvey has officially been demoted from a hurricane to a tropical storm. Still, with multiple days of expected rainfall left, officials expect certain areas to see about 50 inches of rainfall before the storm dies down.

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In addition to airport and school closures, many highways, roads, and buildings are completely under water and power is scarce. While thousands weathered the storm in city shelters, others weren't so lucky. Many residential homes are completely submerged, with families having to go so far as to escape into the attic to avoid the water. A viral photo on Facebook shows just how bad it got for one family:

hurricane harvey flooding
Collin Ruane Wowt/Facebook

Because of the disaster, local police forces, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters are swamped with calls for help. Many with small children and elderly family members have even taken to social media to find help.

hurricane harvey flooding

hurricane harvey flooding


hurricane harvey flooding

hurricane harvey flooding

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It'll be days before people can move in and out of the affected cities to render aid, but there are ways we can help from afar. Here's a list of local and national charities providing resources for those trapped in the floods:

  • The American Red Cross: Call 1-800-Red-Cross or text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to help the Red Cross provide aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. You can also donate blood if you are in the San Antonio or New Braunfels areas. 
  • Food Banks: Donate to local food banks in Corpus ChristiGalveston, and Houston
  • Coalition for the Homeless: Donate to help fund vital information and resources to Houston's homeless population. 
  • Portlight: Donate to help fund evacuation relief and give emergency equipment to disabled people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Donate to help provide meals, showers, and even home recovery help to survivors. 
  • SPCA of Texas: Donate to fund help for household pets displaced during the hurricane. 
  • Save The Children: Donate to provide support for vulnerable children, aid in family evacuation, and create "child-friendly spaces" in shelters.
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