3-Year-Old Dies After Being Left in a Daycare Van for 12 Hours

little boy left in daycare van
ABC News

When it comes to children and hot cars, even the smallest act of forgetfulness can end up costing a life. Unfortunately, it seems that this was the case in an incident that left a toddler dead in Florida earlier this week. Three-year-old Myles Hill was found unresponsive inside a sweltering daycare van when Orlando police responded to a call alerting them of possible child neglect at Little Miracles Academy in Orlando.


Myles's grandmother reported him missing when the daycare center failed to drop him off Monday evening. In addition to filing a missing person's report, the grandmother also contacted the daycare center, prompting a worker to check the van, where she sadly found Myles.

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Upon further investigation, officers found that Myles and a group of children had been transported from one Little Miracles facility to another by a daycare worker who failed to follow proper head count procedures. This resulted in Myles being left alone in the van for around 12 hours on a day where temperatures reached a high of 93 degrees.

While the family is still awaiting the official autopsy results, police say Myles's death was caused by heat exposure. A GoFundMe has been set up to help his grieving family cover funeral expenses. Barbara Livingston, Myles's great aunt, is adamant that the owners of Little Miracles Academy face criminal charges for their neglect. "I know it's not going to bring him back, but someone has to be held accountable," she said in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel. "It's just a must."

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ABC News reports that 32 children have died in hot car–related incidents this year alone, and Myles Hill's passing marks the fifth hot car death in Florida. The epidemic has sparked plenty of media coverage and even the creation of bills like the Hot Car Act of 2017, which seeks to find new ways to prevent these deaths. We can only hope that measures will be taken to prevent these tragedies before they have a chance to occur.

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