Whipped Cream Canister Explosion Kills French Fitness Blogger

Rebecca Burger fitness blogger
In an absolutely horrific accident, French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger was killed after a whipped cream canister exploded, striking her chest and reportedly sending her into cardiac arrest. Similar gadgets have come under fire by a consumer group in France for injuring others, resulting in injuries like broken teeth and ribs.


Just one day before her untimely death, Burger posted a stunning photo of herself enjoying a quiet moment outside. It was the kind of image that helped her amass 179,000 followers and must have felt like just another day in the life of the Instagram star.

Rebecca Burger fitness blogger post
The fatal incident, which took place on June 18, is described by her family on social media as "an accident in the home." But the bizarre nature of the act involving a seemingly innocent kitchen appliance has rattled not only Burger's fans but the masses.

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A family member posted a photo showing an example of the whipped cream siphon that killed Burger, warning others not to use them and alleging there are tens of thousands with defects currently in circulation.

Whipped Cream Canister Explosion
According to the BBC, accidents involving these whipped cream containers date back to 2010. One manufacture instituted a recall but only 25,000 out of 160,000 devices were returned in France.

While cases like these are rare and this particular product has been removed from shelves, it's still a frightening thought that such a simple household item could lead to a fatality. Burger, who recently returned from a trip to Bali, was 33.

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