Watch This Selfless Woman Jump in Front of Speeding Car to Save a Child's Life


woman jumps in front of car save child
News 12 Connecticut

Accidents can happen without a moment's notice -- and it takes a real hero to spring into action in the face of danger. Shanta Jordan is truly one of these heroes, as the Connecticut woman jumped in front of a speeding car to save a boy's life.


Surveillance video captured the harrowing incident that occurred outside Junco Restaurant on June 7. In the footage, Jordan is seen rushing to block an unnamed boy from a speeding vehicle -- absorbing the brunt of the impact, which police say saved the little boy's life.

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Warning: The footage of the accident you're about to see is graphic.

The driver has been charged with reckless driving, having no insurance, and failing to stop. Police believe he never applied the brakes.

News 12 Connecticut noted the boy's mother, who was steps in front of him with another child who was also hit (but stood up seemingly unharmed), ran inside the restaurant to call for help.

Passersby who saw the aftermath quickly surrounded the young boy and Jordan, offering their shirts to help stop the boy from bleeding.

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Both Jordan and the unnamed boy were rushed to a local hospital, where doctors worked to save the young boy's legs, which they at first thought would need to be amputated. Thankfully both are in recovery.

Officials are rightfully praising Jordan for her life-saving act.

"She is a heroine, that's what she is," said Bridgeport police chief A.J. Perez, KTLA 5 News reports. "I truly believe that it [this accident] would've been a fatality."

With all the darkness and pain in the world, it's amazing to see there are still people who don't think twice about helping others.

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