Deadly Explosion at Ariana Grande Concert Was an Attack on Kids

Police and teens manchester attack
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A concert by Ariana Grande -- an artist popular with tween and teenaged kids -- has turned into a nightmare for families in England tonight. What is being called a terrorist attack rocked the Manchester concert arena at around 10:35 p.m. where the "Side to Side" singer was performing. So far police have confirmed a bomb went off just outside the venue and that there are at least 19 people dead and 50 seriously injured.


What motivated the attack is as yet unknown, and rumors continue to swirl about the perpetrator, a possible suicide bomber, and how exactly he or she was able to exact a mass casualty event.

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But as #RoomforManchester trends on Twitter, with folks coming out all over Manchester to offer lodging, and hundreds of tweets advising parents separated from their kids that children are being taken to a Manchester Holiday Inn, it's hard not to see the latest terrorist event to rock the world as an attack on that we hold most dear: childhood.

Grande's crowd was reportedly full of teenagers there to see a 23-year-old singer, who got her start on Nickelodeon's Victorious and whose songs are a staple of the teen social media app The terrorist had to know that the attack would be on a crowd full of kids.

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Parents have flooded social media, sharing stories about their own kids who were at the concert:

And contemplating near misses:

daughter not at concert

While upset and devastated onlookers have lashed out at anyone who would attack kids:

Tweet kids at Ariana Grande

cowards kill kids at concert tweet

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There are sure to be more details as police and other emergency workers make sense of the scene in Manchester, but the horror unfolding has left even parents whose kids are nowhere near Manchester unsettled. We can't help but be reminded that this is a world in which our kids now live ... a world where a terrorist would attack a concert full of kids. 

The kids who were at that concert could just as easily have been our own. 

kids at ariana grande

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