Hot Dog Recall Affects Major Brands: Here's What You Need to Know

kids eating hotdogs
In anticipation of upcoming Memorial Day weekend barbecues, you've likely been stocking up on hot dogs. Or, as is the the case in my house, you have an arsenal of the kid-friendly franks stashed in your freezer for emergency meals. It's time to check those packages, because a massive hot dog recall has just been issued for two popular brands.


On January 26, the US Department of Agriculture received three different complaints about shards of metal found in the packaging of hot dogs manufactured by John Morrell & Co, according to the New York Post. Now more than 210,000 pounds of frankfurters are being pulled from shelves to avoid any potential hazards.

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The recall specifically affects packs of 14-ounce Nathan's Skinless & Beef Franks with an expiration date of August 19, 2017, and 16-ounce packs of Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks with an expiration of June 15, 2017.

Fortunately, the USDA reports no one has been injured or become ill from the metal shards. Still, they strongly encourage consumers to either discard applicable packages or return them to their grocer for a refund.

It has been a bad month for kid-friendly pre-packaged foods. Earlier in May, a different recall was issued for Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes, waffles, and French toast as they may have been contaminated by Listeria. The company recommended anyone with packages produced between February 4, 2016, and May 4, 2017, return them to the place of purchase.

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First frozen pancakes, then hot dogs? Please don't take our boxed mac and cheese. Our kids' survival depends on it!

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