Video Shows Adults Brawling at High School Graduation -- What the Actual Eff?

high school graduation fight
It's graduation season in America right now, and that means hundreds of thousands of people have been getting all dressed up and heading out to celebrate the accomplishments of kids who've worked hard to achieve something big. Well, folks are celebrating the kids. The people who turned an Arlington, Tennessee, graduation ceremony into a brawl, on the other hand, clearly didn't have the kids in mind. 


Videos of the melee at the Bellevue Baptist Church -- where students from Arlington Community Schools were lining up for commencement -- have been making the rounds on social media, and they feature folks who are the very definition of "you're why people can't have nice things."

It was a graduation. In a church. 

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And folks started kicking and punching when they should have been clapping and cheering. 

A series of videos on Facebook seem to show the very beginnings of the fight, or at least a woman very agitated over people saving seats: 

A second video, shared by the same woman, shows the beginnings of the rumble ... the sort of behavior you expect in a WWE match, not at a gathering of people who have come together to honor 13 years of studying, test taking, and homework finishing.  

Once a few people started, the domino effect kicked in:

The Internet is mixed on what's more shocking here ... the fact that people threw down at a graduation ceremony or the fact that they did so in a graduation ceremony inside a house of worship. 

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According to a district statement, private security managed to shut the whole thing down, and the 500-some graduates still got their diplomas, accepting more than $30 million in scholarship money as they embark on their next adventures. 

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But there will always be a cloud over their day because people couldn't contain their emotions and focus on the children and their accomplishments. That's why the viral video today isn't this one, shared by the Bellevue church, but those above: 

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